The Fab Yogi Story

How a love for yoga, wellness and fabulous shopping came together so serendipitously…

It all started while waiting for a train in 2006.

Hi, my name is Kim Cox and I started my journey into yoga and meditation practice over a decade ago. One day while waiting for the train, I was speaking with a friend about needing to find balance in my life between working and staying fit. 

She mentioned how yoga was helping her. So of course, I had to try it.

From my very first class I was hooked! The serenity and balance I was able to achieve gave me a whole new awareness about the importance of being mindful and taking time for oneself. Through all the different phases of my ever-changing life (i.e. career, husband, kids), I have strived to maintain this practice and the understanding that taking time for myself is important. 

However, I often found it frustrating that there was not a place for people like me to learn and grow. A place for the regular Joes (and Janes) who are not experts but are looking to learn and grow through guidance and shared information from others like them.

So after years of frustration, I decided to build that place. Welcome to The Fab Yogi™.

The Fab Yogi™ website is a community for information, guidance and recommendations to help anyone achieve their pursuit of a balance, mindful lifestyle. It includes tutorials, personal blog entries, yummy healthy recipes, and carefully curated products to help you with your own practice. 

Like a garden, it is a permanent work in progress that I hope we will grow and nurture together. My goal is to bring that feeling of Zen and fulfillment that I first tasted over a decade ago into your home and everyday life.


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